martes, 2 de agosto de 2011

Estrenan (por fin) el Nani Building

Después de, al menos, seis años de obras, por fin entró en servicio el Nani Bulding, el edificio más alto de Addis Abeba. está situado cerca de la Plaza meskel, justo en la entrada del hotel Ghion.

Esta es la información que publica esta semana el Addis Fortune:
"At last, and after several set backs, a group of companies under MIDROC Ethiopia have moved, last week, into Addis Abeba’s tallest building, said to be majestic and ultra-modern, with exclusive claims of having 22 storeys. The Nani Building, a 600 million Br structure, is now open for business, and houses DERBA MIDROC and Saudi Star Agricultural Investment on five floors, both owned by Mohammed Hussein Ali Al-Amoudi (Sheikh). Developed by Huda Real Estate Plc, one of the subsidiary companies of MIDROC Ethiopia, the complex has suffered a six-year delay. The project was thought to have cost 36 million dollars. Addis Abeba’s newest skyscraper is built to house the headquarters of MIDROC Ethiopia, including the VIP offices of its owner on the 19th and 20th floors. Built on a 2,586sqm plot in a prime location of Addis Abeba, alongside the entrance of the historic Ghion Hotel, on Ras Desta Street, Nani prides itself for passing, with flying colours, the standard of a stringent western earthquake requirement, according to experts."